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Do you monitor your server?

OK, now you have your web project ready, up and running. It is using apache (or nginx) as a web server and mysql (or postgres, or whatever) as a database engine. Everything is working fine and you are completely happy. However, there can be a situation when: one of your services (mysql, apache, nginx , […]


Oct 1

Taxi20 Dispatch Software

Taxi20 is a dispatch software bundle for taxi companies, that can boast iPhone and Android applications for drivers & passengers, and web based dispatch and tracking solution for the taxi company office use. Check out this neat presentation to get an idea: Taxi20 overview from Olga Ryzhikova


May 17

Have an idea?

Have an idea?

Do you have an idea of the awesome internet startup or a mobile app? Sometimes, having just an idea, it is difficult to decide where to start from. A lot of questions are rising in the head of a start-up launcher, including but not limited to these items:


Apr 24

Launch of

I’m really happy to announce that we had finally launched the new awesome web site to be used by  taxi and cab companies –! is a software as a service solution to automate the work of a cab driver and a dispatcher.


Sep 20

SMS gateways review

When you need your web application to send SMS (bulk SMS or individual ones) there are basically two approaches: connect a cell phone to the computer that is running your software (your web server) or do it through SMS getaway. There are some people and companies that are still using the first approach, however it […]


Sep 19

Log out from Application Loader

I had a couple of clients I created iOS applications for and had to upload their apps to the iTunes connect for them. The upload is done using the tool called “Application Loader”, which is installed together with Xcode 3.2.5 and later. The tool itself is located under /Developer/Application/Utilities/Application Loader . However, once logged in, […]


Sep 18

Not able to save a PDF form?

For some reason many PDF form publishers create their forms in a way that it is not possible to save the form with the data filled in. Specifically, many government forms have such “feature”. Is it for added security? Anyways… Sometimes it is really irritating, since the form may be long and some fields may […]


Mar 25

301 & 302 redirects: using php or htaccess

What is the difference between 301 and 302 redirect codes?   – Code 301 is used for permanent redirects, meaning that page, directory or the whole site have moved permanently, for ever – and both users and search engines have to use new link address from now on. This can apply to the situation when […]


Mar 15

How to calculate average amount of memory for a process

Sometimes it is needed to understand the average amount of memory consumed by a process. You can create a shell script that’ll do the job for you. I’ve tested it on Ubuntu and it works fine (not sure about other OS). So, in the command line type: nano In the window opened, paste the […]


Mar 10

speed up slow drupal site

What has probably happened is that you have developed your drupal (or any other PHP+MySQL) site, tested the functionality, everything was working fine and after that you decided to go live, but suddenly you found out that the site in its current state does not cope with the loads. Or, probably, you just run some […]